Potatoes Make You Fat? Or Omega-6 makes you fat?

 This morning I clicked on this headline at Grub Street "It's official: Potatoes make you fat. Which still explains nothing about why the French are not obese. [WSJ]"

No, it's not about potatoes, but about potato products:

The Human Colon in Evolution: Part 4, The Secrets of Butyrate

 Another hypothesis is that lack of SCFAs is behind such diseases of civilization. A SCFA called butyrate provides some insight into this. Butyrate is the preferred fuel of the colonic epithelial cells and also plays a major role in the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation (Wong, de Souza, Kendall, Emam, & D. J. a Jenkins, 2006). Lower than normal levels have been found in patients with several diseases, notably types of colitis and inflammatory bowel disorder. Studies show such diseases can be treated through application of butyrate in the colon.


 It's funny because when I started reading Fanatic Cook I was vegan and she was a low-carber. I thought she was wrong, but just liked reading her stuff (I read a bunch of vegan blogs still). Now she is a nutritarian and I'm the carnivore. Most of the time I think she is missing the bigger picture, but she picks up interesting articles. 

NOOO NOT THE STARCHES: Plantains and cassava


When I saw these photos of an "uncontacted" tribe it became very clear to me that we must contact them as soon as possible. As you can see in the above photo, they are consumers of cassava, which is a starchy tuberous root. Someone has gotta tell them that all that starch will make them obese.

Great Paleo Controversies

While paleo dieters generally agree on many things, we are not immune from infighting. Unforunately I haven't been involved in too many fights, but I can recap some of them here for your general amusement:

Traditional Grains

A reader left an interesting comment:

Evolutionary Psychiatry and thoughts on love & cooking

I'd like to point the compass to an excellent new blog that I've been reading called Evolutionary Psychiatry. The hot topics in paleo health are diseases like heart disease or diabetes. While this are alarmingly common, the elephant in the room is that mental disorders are just as much of a threat to modern human health.

A Robb Wolf in Brooklyn

On September 4th Robb Wolf is coming to Brooklyn for a Paleolithic Solution Seminar! I'll be there! 

Will you?