The Twitter Paleo

 My answers to the ten most common question I get about paleo in 140 characters or less for Twitter:

What does it mean to eat paleo?
Eat simply: meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Oh, and learn to love fat!

Why paleo?

Grains/sugar/legumes/seeds/dairy are new foods and not part of our evolutionary continuum and eating them causes diseases of "civilization"

How did you get started with paleo?

Weekend Nonsense


The gate of knowledge is closed!

Oh how ungrateful I was back then when I was enrolled in a big university. I didn't realize how annoying it would be to not have access to a large academic library. Sciencedirect now asks me to pay five gazillion dollars for the studies I want to read. It almost makes me want to enroll in school again. 

What our bodies expect

I've been reading the Continuum Concept lately and that, plus the comments I got, have led me to revise the graphic for the Faileo diet post

Are YOU on the Faileo Diet?

 You've heard about this great thing called the paleo diet and you decide to try it. Lean meat, salads, fruit, some mixed nuts, some hard can it be? Unfortunately, a few days later you are sick with hunger. You crave some delicious potato chips and give in. You end up back where you started. You decide the paleo diet is bunk.

Simple Steps For A Better Diet

Outside Magazine recently had one of their reporters try the Paleo Diet for Athletes. His cholesterol improved, but he felt hungry and irritable, which caused him to ultimately dismiss the diet. I think one of the problems with The Paleo Diet for Athletes is that is doesn't do a complete paradigm shift.

Traditional Foolishness

There is plenty to learn from traditional cultures, but it's also important to remember that they didn't know everything and there are plenty of traditions that are foolish in the light of modern science.

Woman, the hunter

This is what you will look like if you eat tasty animals

Some of the most common comments on blogs post related to the NYT paleo article seem to contend that we are idiots because meat was a rare treat in the paleolithic and most of the food came from women who gathered tubers and nuts.