Healthy at any size?

What involves the exposure of government health conspiracies, the realization that exercise doesn't make you thin, restricting calories doesn't work very well, and a take-down of low-fat diet foods?

If you are thinking Good Calories, Bad Calories you are right, but there is another community that accepts these things that's not really on the low-carb/paleo radar.

Taurine II, Denise interview

Isn't ironic that the very same animal rights vegans who say it's arrogant to view humans as special engage in some very human ignorance of their own? Yes, I'm talking the assertion that the vegan diet can be just as healthy as an omnivorous one. But the truth is that nutrition science is young and there is SO MUCH we don't know. A good example is taurine, a nutrient found only in animal products.

Human Fail

Doesn't anyone else notice that as major nutritional breakthroughs are made, modifications are quietly made to various "functional foods." Most baby formulas say something: "Now with essential DHA!"  If it's so essential, what does that mean for the millions of babies that received formula before its importance was known?