The many-venomed earth

 I've written before on how the typical "paleo" paradigm didn't fix my digestive problems. That's because paleo divides things into good and bad in a somewhat arbitrary manner. The reality is that good and bad are relative to the functioning of your body and your individual biology. As Dr. Ayers said in his latest post:

Jungle Butter

 A commenter on the previous post on the Mbuti pointed out that the mango they eat is not rich is fat, but in fiber. When I looked at the data it became clear that the data from the original paper reffered to the whole fruit including the seed I think. The fruit in question is Irvingia gabonensis.

Quick Meal Replacement Ideas

What do you eat when you've overslept and you have 10 minutes to spare before a big meeting? Or you have to go straight from work to a concert where there will be dancing and you want to have energy. I try not to make these situations a habit, but they do happen, particularly in NYC. Luckily I also work next to a Fairway, a glorious giant grocery store from heaven. I've stocked my desk with ten million trillion types of tea and also these things:


For some reason I get Gwynyth Paltrow's "GOOP" newsletter, maybe because of her roasted chicken video, which laughably raised the ire of vegans. Nothing weird about roasted chicken, but apostates can't be tolerated...

Anyway, today her newsletter was about the diet she ate to get ready to play Pepper Potts in Iron Man. It was kind of a low-carb diet, but mostly just bare bones- smoothies, chicken, salad, turkey, low-carb wraps, soup...

Rancid Fats