Best Vegetarian-Unfriendly Restaurants in NYC, plus bonus vegetarian and vegan places I actually like

 One thing I will miss in NYC are the fantastic restaurants. I particularly applaud the trend of restaurants that go whole hog and use real bone stocks and animal fat in their dishes. Obviously, these restaurants are pretty vegetarian-unfriendly and have been a little controversial. 

Unvegetarian, unapologetic animal eater restaurants

Spring Lake Farm + meatshare workshop

 Last weekend I visited my friend Ulla Kjarval and her family's farm Spring Lake Farm (they also have a blog) in Delhi, NY. I met Ulla on Twitter and I've been buying from her farm for my Meatshare meetup group. It was wonderful to get to visit and spend time with them and their wonderful animals.

Weekend Menu + What to Eat at Takashi

Weekend meals are waaay fattier for me since I have time to cook and Chris is here and lower in carbs since I seem to suck at storing roots and found that all my potatoes had sprouted. 

Friday: fasting, ate some Thai Papaya salad at office lunch

Nuts + Nuts and Kings County Jerky

I hate to admit it, but I am not impressed by most farmer's markets. Particularly in NYC where an overwhelming number of them seem to have poor oversight of their vendors. Local is nice and all that, but it's certainly not by first priority and living near a major agricultural state (New Jersey), some of the local produce is pretty much what you can get at the grocery store. If you quiz most "farmers" are the farmer's market you will find most are paid vendors, not farmers, and most don't know jack about their production processes. 

Salt & Fat

 Last month I made the move from Brooklyn to Queens. There were several reasons for this, but I already love Queens, probably more than I love Brooklyn. I never felt perfectly comfortable there for some reason. Organic food, farmer's markets, coops...what's not to like? I guess I found it boring, kind of like the suburbs.

New York Diet 1

I'm still paying for this weekend. No, not in hangovers, but in thigh soreness from Tabeta squats, which my body was introduced to on Saturday at our Crossfit intro meetup. Yes, this is a great motivation for actually start working out at Crossfit. I do squats sometimes, but I was really impressed...and so were my thighs.

Good Things Around Town

Tis the season of sanity in the paleorealfoodblogosphere? 

Surviving The Snowpocalypse

A few months ago I got these Vivo Barefoot Belle boots from Terra Plana

NYC Paleo Challenge

For all my carrying on about beans, I'm planning on doing January as a month of as "paleo as possible." Why? As a tune-up to see what happens and set good habits for the year, but also because other New Yorkers are trying it for our Eating Paleo in NYC New Year's Challenge! We have tons of events planned from flash mobs to running out in the snow! If you are around NYC, definitely join our group, but you can follow the challenge here and participate from home as well. Each event I do, I'll