The Omega-6 GERD Connection

 While I was doing research on variations in gastric acidity, I came across an interesting paper: Diet, reflux and the development of squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus in Africa. It's interesting that a lot of conventional dietary advice on digestion is based on studies done in Africa that found that African agrarian cultures eating low-fat high-fiber diets had low rates of common Western digestive issues like hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

Soybean Oil Week: Let's Tell Chipotle No to Soybean Oil

 I'm dedicating this week to Soybean Oil, an ingredient I think all rational people should be able to rally against. Despite massive amounts of scientific evidence that large amounts of omega-6 oils are bad for anyone, this ingredient remains common in our food supply. 

This year I was VERY VERY disapointed to find that Chipotle uses it in almost all their ingredients besides their pork. I don't know why I never knew this, I guess it was an instance of "maybe if I don't look at the ingredients I don't be upset."

Omega Woman

I've mentioned Susan Allport's book The Queen of Fats on this blog when taking about fatty acids because it's a fairly good simple primer on the subject. So today via Seth's Blog I found that she abandoned her omega-3/omega-6 balanced diet to do a "Super Size Me" article for O Magazine.

Diminishing Marginal Paleo?

When I started out on paleo, I used to buy a container of almond butter every couple of days. Some of you might be thinking that it's a lot of omega-6, others might be thinking...what's the big deal? I think at the beginning of your paleo diet you shouldn't worry about omega-6 from whole foods like nuts. You will probably see great improvements, as I did, even on a diet dominated by nuts.

Diet Delusions

 I meet them all the time- people who tell me that they would never try the paleo diet because their diet makes them feel awesome. Maybe they don't realize that a face covered with acne and a spare tire around their waist aren't exactly markers of feeling awesome. 

I thought of that when reading this NYT article about Alicia Silverstone where she eats a meal presumably loaded with inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids

Beef is Better

From Dr. Harris at PaNu

Non- ruminants are much more subject to passing on the ratio they get in their diets. So the unhealthiest beef has a 6:3 ratio as good or better than pastured free range bug-eating chicken, and fowl fat from industrial operations is like eating vegetable oil.

Omega-3 Roundup

Some readers have wondered: what's the big deal about these omega-3 fatty acids you have been talking about? So here is a list of important facts and why you should care about them.

Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that both have important roles to play. The scientific evidence shows that omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in the health of the heart and the brain as discussed in this post from Mark's Daily Apple on Fats.

Rancid Fats


Phytic Acid: taking off the paleo blinders

Nuts are delicious...they aren't a grain, they are full of fat, low-carb, they are "paleo" what is there not to love? 

Apparently, lots. I addressed their imbalance of fats in a previous post and how they probably aren't paleo, but today an article on Cheeseslave about dental health got me interested in more:

The Seedy Side of Paleo


woman will be happy when I spend all day gathering 1000 tiny seeds to make tahini with instead of clubbing a deer