Media and Fad Diets

 If you've been reading this blog long enough, you'll know I have a rather dim view of reporters. Besides a tiny number I count as friends, I've had some bad experiences where I spent a lot of time working with them, only to see the final story had major errors. Getting cut out entirely is better than that. 

Food Truck Symposium in Chicago and a Paleo Food Truck

Just last week a guy named Joe contacted me on Facebook to tell me about his Kickstarter project- a paleo food cart! I didn't get around to blogging about it until today and in the meantime it was fully funded! 

Why Paleo didn't fix my IBS

 Now that it's been over four years since I first heard about "paleo" diets, I have been reflecting on how such diets have worked for me. When I first heard about paleo, I definitely thought it was a solution to all my problems and it worked really well for most of them. The original bane of my life in the pre-paleo era, GERD, is gone. But my IBS symptoms were harder to fix and even now I find myself experimenting.

Stop Mummy Abuse

It's bad enough that I'm dead

Zach Wahl's mom cures MS with paleo

 I noticed that Zach Wahl's testimony on marriage equality had gone viral on Facebook. In his speech, he mentions his mother's struggle with multiple sclerosis. How is she doing? Apparently, she's gone from wheelchair to walking thanks to her versions of a paleo diet rich in fruits, vegetables, wild fish, seaweed and grassfed meats (including organ meats):


Paleo on $11,000 a year

Phytic Acid in Common "Paleo" Foods

 Dr. Emily Deans has a post on the possibly beneficial effects of phytic acid, which is commonly demonized as an antinutrient. As she points out, its effects are complex. I think they are quite minimal if your diet is rich in minerals, but I think most Americans do not eat such a diet and even people trying to eat a better diet can have marginal consumption.

John Hawks and celiac disease

 A poor evolutionary nutrition narraive posits that because we didn't have X food in the paleolithic, we are maladapted to it. I think Mat Lalonde covered issues with this nicely at AHS and in the latest Paleo Solution podcast. 

Here is a funny twist to the story if it turns out to be true:

Ancestral Health Symposium Part 1

 I'm typing this on my rather nice Virgin America flight from LA to NYC, so maybe it won't be the most complete post ever. I'm sad I didn't get to spend much time in California, which is one of my favorite places in the United States, but it was a pleasure getting away from NYC even for a short while (hopefully I can someday make this permanent!). I had tons of fun at AHS, though it was overwhelming at times. It was surreal to be surrounded by so many interesting people and I wish I had been able to make time to talk to more of them!

The Middle Way

 Last year I met a girl who was trying the paleo diet and complaining she "felt weird" and her stomach hurt. I asked her what she was eating and it turns out she was eating 5 tablespoons of coconut oil for breakfast! I told her that wasn't food, that it was an ingredient you can use to make foods or a supplement and that maybe she should try eating food. Later she said she felt better.