So Delicious Coconut Milk ...not really a fan

I was home for a little while last week and noticed all my family members had So Delicious Coconut Milk in their fridges. I admit that I was excited when this product came out because it acts a lot like real milk. It doesn't form an oily film when you put it in coffee, for example.

Robb Wolf on Paleo Brands

 When someone sent me the infamous soybean oil "paleo" cod, I didn't realize Robb Wolf was involved. He explained it all in a comment:

Hey folks!
Robb Wolf here, part owner in Paleo Brands and apparently Satan himself.

Paleo 2.0, a rational response to inanity

 Have you guys heard of Paleo 2.0 yet? If not, I recommend reading about it. Dr. Kurt Harris says that Paleo has become polluted by dumb ideas like:

Dear People Making Paleo Products: Can you lose the soybean oil?

 I understand that people what to have convenient paleo meal options and that people want to provide them. But I'd like to ask people promoting paleo out there to please remain from stamping products with modern industrial neolithic poisons as "paleo"

Salt & Fat

 Last month I made the move from Brooklyn to Queens. There were several reasons for this, but I already love Queens, probably more than I love Brooklyn. I never felt perfectly comfortable there for some reason. Organic food, farmer's markets, coops...what's not to like? I guess I found it boring, kind of like the suburbs.

Anthropologists talk about the paleo diet "craze"

 There have been many articles written about the paleo diet. Almost all of them have been idiotic. GOOD Magazine just did one that is not idiotic. It actually involves talking to actual experts in the field instead of hot physical trainers. This article is an interview with four well-respected physical anthropologists and evolutionary biologists.

Paleo Survey and Music I'm Listening To

 Have you taken the paleo community survey? If not, you should take it since some folks worked pretty hard to put it together and will probably post some interesting data in the future. 

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about paleo diet community members, including demographic information, medical conditions, dietary preferences, and physical activity.

Yam Confusion: A WHOLE NEW WORLD

 This weekend I was reading Food and Western Disease on Friday and in the intro Dr. Lindeberg talks about why some starchs like yams might be OK since humans have such a long history eating them in our ancestral African homeland, whereas potatoes are a "new world" crop and humans have only been there for at the earliest 35,000 years ago.