Real Life Faileo Dieters

Chris Masterjohn's review of The New Evolution Diet was nicer than mine. Luckily for Chris, he already knows about the wonders of butter and egg yolks. But what happens when a normal person reads a lipid-phobia ridden paleo book?

An Outside Magazine reporter tried to follow one such book, focusing on lean meats and non-starchy vegetables. Here is how he felt:

Calories Are King: The Perfectly Reasonably Paleo Priority Diet

As per the last post, here is a paleo diet for those of us that have trouble getting calories and aren't always able to cook a giant pork roast to eat at home. This is a diet for the real world, where salads have tiny amounts of meat and ordering a burger without a bun is bound to lead to hunger later. This is about doing your best and getting the calories you need to fuel an active and happy life. This is the way I make my eating decisions.

Reflections from an (aborted) paleo challenge

I tried it to be game and see if I could give orthodox paleo a chance. Most of you by now realize I'm not a fan of "orthodox" paleo. And doing it again reminded me why.

Bread Vs. Lard

John Durant's latest post on Before & Afters reminded me of this pair of photos:

Eating a bagel

Making lard

NYC Paleo Challenge

For all my carrying on about beans, I'm planning on doing January as a month of as "paleo as possible." Why? As a tune-up to see what happens and set good habits for the year, but also because other New Yorkers are trying it for our Eating Paleo in NYC New Year's Challenge! We have tons of events planned from flash mobs to running out in the snow! If you are around NYC, definitely join our group, but you can follow the challenge here and participate from home as well. Each event I do, I'll

How do I love thee, neolithic foods

Have you seen Chris Masterjohn's latest post? Since his last posts have been rather serious, I thought he was seriously going to write a paleo book. ANd I thought...well that's quite a bit unlike the Chris I know and a little odd to boot. But seriously, it reminds me of all the reasons I'm not writing a book any time soon.

O Me Miserum: possibly the worst "paleo" book ever

Leave it to me to get distracted from Art De Vany's book and to willfully engage in behavior that makes my blood boil. But it's the Holiday season and of course people are asking me what paleo books I recommend. So this one was only five bucks at the Kindle store and I bought it despite suspicious reviews.

Two Philosophies

I was getting quite disappointed today reading Art De Vany's new book, which is out on Kindle. He's one of the godfathers of the paleo movement and it was though his essay and blog that I discovered this way of eating. A couple of years ago he put his blog behind a paywall and as a poor undergrad I didn't have the money to spare for it. I keep meaning to subscribe now that I have a "real job," but haven't gotten around to it.

Cordain's New Cookbook

On a whim, I purchased Cordain's new cookbook on my Kindle recently.