In the next few days something important is coming up. No, not Halloween. It's my own made-up holiday called NOvember. I thought about doing a 30-day-community total-paleo challenge, but with travel and general business it's just not feasible. Instead I'm looking to knock off some small bad habits. I'm just going to say no to them for one month and hope their spell is broken.

Great Paleo Controversies

While paleo dieters generally agree on many things, we are not immune from infighting. Unforunately I haven't been involved in too many fights, but I can recap some of them here for your general amusement:

Healthy at any size?

What involves the exposure of government health conspiracies, the realization that exercise doesn't make you thin, restricting calories doesn't work very well, and a take-down of low-fat diet foods?

If you are thinking Good Calories, Bad Calories you are right, but there is another community that accepts these things that's not really on the low-carb/paleo radar.

Feel Better

Once again I'd like to thank everyone who commented with kind words on this blog, sent me emails, and even took me out to dinner when I was down. Yes, I am feeling better both physically and mentally. My job situation is looking better and I also have some answers about my health.

Paleo Vs. Primal Vs. Atkins

Archery and other New York notes


Traditional Grains

A reader left an interesting comment:

Mangalitsa Supper Club

I told you that the Wooly Pigs were coming. Thanks to Heath Putnam at Wooly Pigs and Debragga Butchers, several lucky members of of Eating Paleo in NYC got to taste Mangalitsa pork. When I got to the Debragga loading dock I was surprised when they gave me a GINORMOUS box of pork belly from New Jersey's Mosefound Farms.

Evolutionary Psychiatry and thoughts on love & cooking

I'd like to point the compass to an excellent new blog that I've been reading called Evolutionary Psychiatry. The hot topics in paleo health are diseases like heart disease or diabetes. While this are alarmingly common, the elephant in the room is that mental disorders are just as much of a threat to modern human health.

Not an issue of paleo or not-paleo

I had a great time at Jackson Lander's deer hunting workshop, but I will write a post on it later since I'm still...ruminating...haha! But John Durant already beat me to it and has some great picture, so you should check them out.