Top 1 Reasons I'm Not Paleo

 Cheeseslave wrote a post titled Top 10 Reasons I'm Not Paleo. Not surprisingly, it upset a lot of people. Which is funny, since it didn't exactly bother me. I'd love to see that furor directed against woo-bearing charlatans who call themselves "paleo" and mainstream media publications that make anyone who doesn't eat garbage look like a weirdo. 

Either way, I don't need to write a long post about why I'm not paleo. I just need one bullet point. So here it is: the Top 1 Reason I'm Not Paleo:

Is it ethical to eat meat contest finalists

 A reader alerted me that the Nytimes has put up the finalists for the meat ethics contest I mentioned before. Foolishly, they are allowing the readers to vote on them (the tyranny of the enthusiatic internet community). And the one that's winning currently is hilariously bad. 

They don't get it

 Today I got a spate of seemingly random animal rights trolls. Fly by night nonsense? Nope, apparently I was featured on the Freakonomics blog. Normally this would be an honor, since I was a fan of Freakonomics when I was an economics major in college, but nope, they let James McWilliams write another animal rights nonsense piece on their blog, one that references a post I made over a year ago. What does that have to do with economics?

Paleo 2.0, a rational response to inanity

 Have you guys heard of Paleo 2.0 yet? If not, I recommend reading about it. Dr. Kurt Harris says that Paleo has become polluted by dumb ideas like:

Calories Are King: The Perfectly Reasonably Paleo Priority Diet

As per the last post, here is a paleo diet for those of us that have trouble getting calories and aren't always able to cook a giant pork roast to eat at home. This is a diet for the real world, where salads have tiny amounts of meat and ordering a burger without a bun is bound to lead to hunger later. This is about doing your best and getting the calories you need to fuel an active and happy life. This is the way I make my eating decisions.

Two Philosophies

I was getting quite disappointed today reading Art De Vany's new book, which is out on Kindle. He's one of the godfathers of the paleo movement and it was though his essay and blog that I discovered this way of eating. A couple of years ago he put his blog behind a paywall and as a poor undergrad I didn't have the money to spare for it. I keep meaning to subscribe now that I have a "real job," but haven't gotten around to it.

The Meat Eaters

A few people sent me this opinion piece from the NYTimes called The Meat Eaters. It's a very interesting piece and I suggest reading it. It's very much the logical conclusion of based a moral system on pain. Luckily, real-world morality is not based on pain. Morals are the invention of humans and they were created to improve the human condition. They were not created to decrease overall suffering in the world.

Memo to Locavores: Animal Rights groups are NOT alllies

Let's get this clear: The Humane Society of The United States is an organization devoted to animal rights. Animal rights does not mean being nice to animals, it means eliminating ALL animal use from pets, to pork, to scientific animal testing that saves millions of lives. Unfortunately, many people associate The Humane Society with being nice to kittens rather than outlawing all meat consumption. While I don't agree with everything they post, Humane Watch has done a great job demystifying HSUS's true intentions.

The Feast

Last night when I took off my shirt I was horrified to find a small black speck on my stomach. It was a tick, a souvenir from Virginia, feasting upon my blood. I had showered many times since returning to the city, but perhaps it had hid in my thick dark head of hair.

I had been feasting on blood myself. The blood of a fallow deer, killed for my hunting class with a perfect shot to the head that preserved her still grace in heavy lidded glassy eyes. 

Not an issue of paleo or not-paleo

I had a great time at Jackson Lander's deer hunting workshop, but I will write a post on it later since I'm still...ruminating...haha! But John Durant already beat me to it and has some great picture, so you should check them out.