I got jaded by food policy and schools

 I did my undergraduate degree in agricultural economics, hoping to work in food policy. I don't know what I was thinking. I think most economics-types who work in policy must be saints given that they have been trained in logic and are forced to support idiotic inefficient ideas. That's where I found myself. The worst part was the move to reform school food, which consisted of mainly

Oil Spill

This is a food blog...why post about the oil spill? To me, the oil spill represents what's wrong with politics in this country. How is it "free market" to let a company destroy what it doesn't own and not have to pay the full consequences? This whole thing cuts across party lines.

Where NOT to eat in Midtown

Surprisingly enough, there are many vegan and vegetarian restaurants I enjoy. When I am out with vegetarian friends, I don't mind getting a bowl of various vegetables and some of these restaurants are actually fairly good. Overall, when confronted with a choice between meat from a questionable source and a vegan entree, I'll often chose the latter.