That's not even grain-fed cattle, it's crap-fed cattle

 I think referring to conventional feedlot cattle as "grain fed" is unfortunate. I think it's an insult on small local family farmers who raise their cows mainly on pasture, but supplement a little grain here and there. Sometimes I buy this kind of beef. It's not terribly different nutrient-wise from completely 100% grass-fed beef. And many people prefer the taste. Furthermore, it's often very affordable, as low as $2-$4 a lb if you buy in bulk. 


So I have some awesome things to look forward to!

Next weekend Locavore Hunter Jackson Landers, who taught my hunting class, will be in NYC for a goose-cooking event in my Brooklyn neighborhood! The NYtimes just covered the event, so it might sell out soon!

Mangalitsa Supper Club

I told you that the Wooly Pigs were coming. Thanks to Heath Putnam at Wooly Pigs and Debragga Butchers, several lucky members of of Eating Paleo in NYC got to taste Mangalitsa pork. When I got to the Debragga loading dock I was surprised when they gave me a GINORMOUS box of pork belly from New Jersey's Mosefound Farms.

The Wooly Pigs are COMING!

Fatty Cue

High Point Farms


David Chang
I've had this cookbook since 2009 and it's still one of my favorites. Bacon dashi anyone? Or delicious crispy pork belly?
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Hungary for pork?

Creepy Jar Society


Image from MARTHA STEWART, she is badass

My fridge is full of jars of creepy goo. At least my roommates thing that. But the truth is that those jars hold liquid gold! I love jars, as they are easy to clean fat off of and don't leech plastic byproducts. But I love what's in those jars more: