Highlander Diet

pictish woman Andrew (of Evolvify) got me looking up ancient Scottish diets. I found this article from 1890.

Potatoes Make You Fat? Or Omega-6 makes you fat?

 This morning I clicked on this headline at Grub Street "It's official: Potatoes make you fat. Which still explains nothing about why the French are not obese. [WSJ]"

No, it's not about potatoes, but about potato products:

Bread Vs. Lard

John Durant's latest post on Before & Afters reminded me of this pair of photos:

Eating a bagel

Making lard

Taters, eh?

Chris Voigt just finished his potatoes-only for 30 days diet experiment. I expect to see lots of buzz about it on the paleo/real food blogosphere. So far so good:

Great Paleo Controversies

While paleo dieters generally agree on many things, we are not immune from infighting. Unforunately I haven't been involved in too many fights, but I can recap some of them here for your general amusement: