Human Fail

Doesn't anyone else notice that as major nutritional breakthroughs are made, modifications are quietly made to various "functional foods." Most baby formulas say something: "Now with essential DHA!"  If it's so essential, what does that mean for the millions of babies that received formula before its importance was known? 

Seaweed and Gut Bacteria

Scientists have found that Japanese people seem to possess gut flora for digesting seaweed that Americans do not. The sample size for the bacteria collection is fairly small though. They theorize that the Japansese might have acquired the bacteria through eating raw seaweed. An interesting implication they make is that this bacteria not only affects the digestion of seaweed, but carbohydrates in general.

Wild Fermentation

Last weekend the fridge at work was left ajar, which was overall a complete disaster. But I did notice that a jug of apple cider was bulging. Aha! A sign of fermentation. I poured it into a glass. It was fizzy and smelled kind of alcoholic. I took a swig. It was fairly tasty, though later I realized I didn't need the alcohol at 11 AM. 

Dances With Vegans I: Dr. Cow Cheese

 In an ongoing series where I test out products obviously meant for vegans, not paleo weirdos. 

This time it's Dr. Cow Cheese, made in Brooklyn for the indigenous vegan population and purchased at the local co-op, an ancient Brooklyn hunting and gathering ground guarded over by a tribe of ancient and bitter hippies.