Paleodrama: Why I stopped posting on my blog highlighting pseudoscience and bigotry in the paleo community

I occasionally get comments here with the insinuation that I stopped posting on paleodrama because I "lost" or realized "boys will be boys." I didn't stop posting, though I rarely post there now. For the uninitiated, paleodrama was created to highlight incidents of sexism and other bigotry in the "paleo" community, as well as the most obvious examples of pseudoscience.

Is "Gluten sensitivity" really a type of carbohydrate intolerance?

What’s the deal with gluten sensitivity? Gluten sensitivity as a proposed disease showed up in the scientific literature in the past few years. The key here is proposed, because there was evidence it might exist, but it remained in a scientific grey area because there was not a known mechanism behind it.

But enough people had already decided or wanted to decide gluten was bad that they took the proposed disease and ran with it, producing and selling a large volume of scientifically dubious diet books featuring “gluten sensitivity”.

T. Colin Campbell Hates Babies

 In a recent post I discussed how the death of a vegan baby wasn't caused by veganism, but by a denialist myth that humans are naturally herbivores, so vegans don't need to supplement. I tallied up some of the documented cases of unsupplemented veganism harming or killing children. Now Rhys at Let Them Eat Meat has a great post on whether or not this case is really about veganism. 

Vegan-style Creationism Woo Kills Baby

 Most of us know enough anthropology to know that the natural diet of our species in not herbivorous. The evidence for meat consumption goes back millions of years and our closest great ape cousins consume at least small amounts of meat. We also have digestive and other biochemical adaptations to meat consumption.