They crop up with alarming frequency on anything to do with paleo- the angry comment that says "paleolithic humans mostly ate plants which WOMEN gathered. Women's gathering, not meat, providing most of the food."

Unfortunately these comments are a result of the sexist and outdated folk anthropology meme that paleolithic men went out hunting while paleolithic women stayed at the camp with baby putting leaves peacefully in a basket all day. 

Yeah, nice "just so" story, but not really true. 

Loving Deer

I was struck by the wonderful oddness of this -- a deer accepting human company, even going out of her way to be with me. After all, I am a hunter. On most days, I eat the flesh of her kind. Because of this I was somewhat embarrassed, as if I'd taken advantage of her naivete. I wondered if gaining such closeness with deer would make hunting difficult for me, but this didn't seem likely . I had always loved deer, not only as wild, beautiful creatures but also as a source of my own existence; as animals who elevate my senses, enrich my spirit, and nourish my body.