Physical Anthropology Texts

 In a world where college classes, particularly large impersonal introductory ones, are often more pricey than they are worth, it's wise to learn how to study on your own. My inbox is a huge mess, but I have gotten towards the bottom and found an email where Richard from Free the Animal asked about anthropology texts. Here are my favorites, most of them recommended to me by Professor Ralph Holloway:

What I'm reading

 Some people have told me I should read the latest diet book craze, particularly since I am skeptical, but having read dozens of diet books for the purpose of reviewing them, I rarely derive any pleasure from them. It's also rare that I actually learn anything new from them and in fact they often infuriate me with their emphasis on weight loss and tendency to play fast and loose with science. I think that all you need to know about eating healthy can be found on the internet and reading should be something more intellectually illuminating. 


Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've been paying my dues in terms of work, which I haven't blogged about much here. Long story short- I was an Americorps volunteer, which I didn't blog about because they kick you out of the program for expressing political opinions (among other things). Now that I can't get kicked out I can honestly say WTF was I thinking? Living on $1000 a month is tough in NYC (why do you think I was so obsessed with offal?) and being on the government dole is immensely demoralizing.

Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes

One of the most interesting conversation I've had about food was with a Pirahã. It occurred when I ate a salad in the village for the first time.

Rice, beans, fish, and wild game, smothered under copious amount of Tabasco sauce, can keep one's culinary drive satisfied up to a point. But if you like the crunch of fresh lettuce, then after a few months you might begin to dream about eating a salad.