Cordain's New Cookbook

On a whim, I purchased Cordain's new cookbook on my Kindle recently.

The Little House Cookbook

When I was little my mother read the Little House books to my sister and me. Looking back, I wonder if those books were part of what predisposed me to liking traditional foods, hunting, and farming. We had The Little House Cookbook as well and I remember being intimidated by the receipes, which called for things like lard.

Things that are happened these days

Yes, many things happen, especially when you are so busy that you can barely keep your head above the water.

- I am organizing a meatshare! With a farmer who follows the paleo diet herself from upstate! You can get more info here! Suffice to say, organizing these things has been a great education in the major difficulties of getting quality food from farm to table. But I'm learning more each day and our meat shares keep getting better.

The Hangover Soup

Yes, it is possible to have too many Norcal Margarita's, as I did at the AMAZING Robb Wolf party last night. It was an awesome group of people and I wish it had been longer so I could have talked to everyone.

Primordial Jelly: The Magic of Gelatin

I live in the land of expensive food boutiques that sell absolutely nothing practical and can only exist in a place that is wealthy enough to view food as mere entertainment. Either way, some of them actually have some decent house-made cured meats and other delights. One of my favorites is BKLYN Larder and what they have that is truly outstanding is gelato made with high-quality dairy and very little sugar.

"Paleo" Ice Cream?

Yeah, it's my party and I get to be a dessert-making paleo deviant if I want to.

The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail at Home

Fergus Henderson
The seminal cookbook on cooking offal. Many of the recipes are perfectly easy for the home cook- particular those for heart and bone marrow.
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Smeltingly Good

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