Can complex flavors cause weight loss?

 I'm perfectly comfortable with blood, guts, and that sort of thing. But when it comes to the food of simple Americans, I can be quite squeamish. There is nothing so horrible as things such as meatloaf, casserole, "hamburger helper," or lasagna. Add some steamed mixed frozen vegetables and I'm in Hell. I'll never forget the one horrible summer at camp in Wisconsin where I was served mac & cheese with pearl onions and pieces of boiled ham. 

Soybean Oil Week: Let's Tell Chipotle No to Soybean Oil

 I'm dedicating this week to Soybean Oil, an ingredient I think all rational people should be able to rally against. Despite massive amounts of scientific evidence that large amounts of omega-6 oils are bad for anyone, this ingredient remains common in our food supply. 

This year I was VERY VERY disapointed to find that Chipotle uses it in almost all their ingredients besides their pork. I don't know why I never knew this, I guess it was an instance of "maybe if I don't look at the ingredients I don't be upset."

Salt & Fat

 Last month I made the move from Brooklyn to Queens. There were several reasons for this, but I already love Queens, probably more than I love Brooklyn. I never felt perfectly comfortable there for some reason. Organic food, farmer's markets, coops...what's not to like? I guess I found it boring, kind of like the suburbs.

Hell is other people's idea of "healthy"

Between moving, work, school, and the very very sad state of my inbox, I haven't had much time to post. 

New York Diet 1

I'm still paying for this weekend. No, not in hangovers, but in thigh soreness from Tabeta squats, which my body was introduced to on Saturday at our Crossfit intro meetup. Yes, this is a great motivation for actually start working out at Crossfit. I do squats sometimes, but I was really impressed...and so were my thighs.

Pre-Colombian Cuisine: Indigenous Foods of the Americas

Palo Santo is a small restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn that has a bit of a cult following in the paleo community. Robb Wolf has praised the food there. It's also popular with members of local Crossfit gyms. I've eaten there many times and the food is incredible!

The Hangover

I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover. And the sad part about it was that no alcohol was involved. You see, last night I had BBQ. BBQ is pretty paleo right? I mean it's meat and stuff, so why not?


I have been traveling and now have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Quick note here: Takashi is amazing. It's a little Japanese place in the West Village doing Korean-style Japanese Barbeque. Whatever that is, it seems to be a first course of perfectly marinated melt-in-your mouth raw grassfed meat and a second course of barbecued offal. The bad news is it's very hard to get a seat, but it's the most wonderfully paleo place I've been to so far in NYC.

Sekrit Paleo Outposts of NYC

Eating paleo has become surprisingly popular in the urban jungle of New York City. Our meet up group has over 500 members now and paleo vectors like Crossfit are also growing rapidly. Apparently some paleo operatives have even infiltrated restaurants, influencing their menus.

One of these is Lodge in Williamsburg, which is offering a paleo special as part of Crossfit Virtuosity's paleo challenge:

Eating Peruvian Food

I will forewarn you with the fact that this post involves the eating of animals that many Americans consider pets. Which is a damn shame...why are American parents being food for their children to keep as pets? It precludes many delicious culinary experiences and everyone knows that parents who get Little Timmy (to use Bourdain's literary device) Floofy the Rabbit instead of Fido are just lazy.