Paleo Gourmet in NYC this weekend

I am having one of my favorite restaurants, Get Fresh Table and Market, so a full three-course paleo dinner this weekend. That means lots of wild fish, grassfed meat, and tangy local vegetables cooked in lard. If you are in NYC, you should definitely check it out.

We don't have an exact menu, since they cook based on what is available at the farmer's market each day, but here are some dishes I have had there:

Fatty Cue

Offal Scary

Bets asks "Where does one even buy an eye or a nose to eat? The thought of peeling a tongue invokes pain to my core. That said, I never say never and am game."


From Offal Good's store

Memo to Locavores: Animal Rights groups are NOT alllies

Let's get this clear: The Humane Society of The United States is an organization devoted to animal rights. Animal rights does not mean being nice to animals, it means eliminating ALL animal use from pets, to pork, to scientific animal testing that saves millions of lives. Unfortunately, many people associate The Humane Society with being nice to kittens rather than outlawing all meat consumption. While I don't agree with everything they post, Humane Watch has done a great job demystifying HSUS's true intentions.

The Art of Eating In

 Last week I was soooooooo busy. Between snowstorms and planning events, I had no time to go to the grocery store. I ended eating out for more meals than I care to admit, especially since I just finished The Art of Eating In by Cathy Erway. It's mostly a fun book about cooking, cookoffs, and secret underground restaurants, but it's also an impassioned defense of cooking. In New York City, land of busy people, cooking needs it!

Paleo Party and Weekly Eats

 What do people eating an evolutionarily appropriate diet eat? Well. lots of things, as I try to demonstrate with my paleo foods section.Eating Paleo in NYC had a great party last night and it was wonderful to see the huge diversity of food on the menu and to meet everyone!


Paleo On The Go

This might come to shock you, but when I first started the paleo diet I almost never cooked. I had two technology jobs, a full courseload, and the only kitchen appliances I had in my closet-like apartment were a micro-fridge and a microwave.