Foldable flats and flexible autumn boots

 While it seems like every other blogger was at the Ancestral Health Symposium, I was moving boxes and crappy furniture to my new apartment. That wasn't much fun, but I try to think of moving as an opportunity to reevaluate what you own. One of the things I owned was a pair of nice velvet ballet flats. I'd had them since high school, but since my feet seem to have shrunk I haven't worn them very much because they only fit with thick socks and if it's thick sock season I probably need to be wearing boots.

Footskins Video Review

I almost never post videos because I'm not such a fan of making them or even watching anything that doesn't involve silly cats. But I thought it might be an interesting format for a shoe review.

1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run

It's funny because the whole evolutionary living community has so many sub-movements: evolutionary nutrition, barefoot running, natural movement, and crossfit to name a few. Interest in one often piques interest in another. I got into barefoot running through the paleo diet, but there are many people who did the opposite. 

Women gather, men hunt?

Recently Overcoming Bias had a post about how men are evolved to hunt, women to gather. It then went on to speculate about how most sports are based on hunting instincts: