Semen during pregnancy

Chris Masterjohn pointed out that my last semen post pointed towards a biological bolster for monogamy in this modern age. Here is another. I'm sorry but this post is less fun than the last one about semen, but I promise another one that is less alarming in the future, though I have a post in the queue on birth control that's rather unfun. 

Semen as Antidepressant

Now that I have just written a rather dry post, I thought I'd see what's up with my Google Analytics. Some Google searches that have brought people to this site are pretty funny:

"obligatory sex activity" 

"paleo sex how often"

Well I much say that it's important for paleo dieters to have sex every day. It's obligatory because it's rather good for you. I totally apologize to the person who searched for "negative effects of men being pushed into having sex" for this post because it might cause more of that sort of thing.