The sexy sexless culture

 There aren't many papers studying sex among foraging people, given that is a potentially taboo topic among all societies. But lately I stumbled upon this paper on the Aka, the pygmy tribe I have written about before.

N=0: The Perils of Using Art for Paleopathology

 As interesting as Venus-gate is, I don't think art from the paleolithic really tells us much about the health of the average person. Think of some famous artwork from our era, imagine there is a nuclear disaster and everything is destroyed except that piece of artwork. What incorrect conclusions would a society come to if they just had that piece of artwork? Humans have an incredible ability to see things in nothing.

Politically Correct Stereotypes about hunter-gatherers

 I find it quite amusing when people accuse me of having one hunter-gatherer stereotype when it's also clear they hold one themselves. The most popular thing to accuse people of is that they hold the "man the hunter" hypothesis that people ate mostly meat and men provided most of the food. The challenging hypothesis is that humans mostly ate plants and women provided most of the food.

Soy: Playing with poisons

Earlier on Twitter I circulated an interesting recent paper a commenter pointed me to- Hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction associated with soy product consumption. The paper documents the case of a 19 year old who had type 1 diabetes, but no other health problems. After starting a vegan diet he experienced alarming erectile dysfunction and general loss of libido. Upon examination, low testosterone levels were found.

The Contraceptive pill: if we don't talk about it, it'll all be OK? Right?

 I was going to just do one big post on this subject, but the amount of information out there is so extravagant that perhaps I'll do several. I suspect this topic doesn't get much air because well, most bloggers don't want to relate personal anecdotes. And really, there are no really good solutions to this issue. 

Women's Set Points

I said I'd go to bed, but then I read something interesting. Lately there has been some discussion in the comments here about what level of body fat is healthy for women. Is it healthy for women to be as lean as men should be (below 18% body fat)? Some authors say yes. After all, don't women in third world refugee camps have babies all the time?

Hormones in beef, a thought

Don at Primal Wisdom recently had a post on hormone levels in beef, which was really about whether or not hormone-treated factory farmed meat is unsafe*, but I was more interested in hormone levels in general.

Semen during pregnancy

Chris Masterjohn pointed out that my last semen post pointed towards a biological bolster for monogamy in this modern age. Here is another. I'm sorry but this post is less fun than the last one about semen, but I promise another one that is less alarming in the future, though I have a post in the queue on birth control that's rather unfun. 

Semen as Antidepressant

Now that I have just written a rather dry post, I thought I'd see what's up with my Google Analytics. Some Google searches that have brought people to this site are pretty funny:

"obligatory sex activity" 

"paleo sex how often"

Well I much say that it's important for paleo dieters to have sex every day. It's obligatory because it's rather good for you. I totally apologize to the person who searched for "negative effects of men being pushed into having sex" for this post because it might cause more of that sort of thing.