Quick Meal Replacement Ideas

What do you eat when you've overslept and you have 10 minutes to spare before a big meeting? Or you have to go straight from work to a concert where there will be dancing and you want to have energy. I try not to make these situations a habit, but they do happen, particularly in NYC. Luckily I also work next to a Fairway, a glorious giant grocery store from heaven. I've stocked my desk with ten million trillion types of tea and also these things:

Seaweed snacks without canola oil

I LOVE Korean-style seaweed snacks. They are crispy, salty, and naturally low-carb. Recently they have become very popular in Brooklyn for some reason. The Park Slope Coop can't keep the Annie Chun's seaweed snacks in stock. Unfortunately most brands contain canola and/or sesame oil, which I like to limit.

Dances With Vegans II: Kale Chips


I admit it, sometimes I crave snacks. When it's movie night and everyone is eating popcorn (and yes, corn is a grain), being paleo can mean feeling left out. Of course there are nuts, but I like to watch my consumption of those because while they have lots of nutrients, they can also mess up your ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 if you eat too much.