No, we don't know how much protein "cavemen" ate

 How hard it is to read a scientific study? Should you bother to learn? I recently commented on a blog post on that subject. 

Scientists Show That Bad Fake Coffee Drink Is Bad For You

Scientists at the University of Guelph have determined that a fake coffee drink they invented in their lab is really bad for you. "Yeah, we wanted to see if coffee with cream was bad for you, but we wanted to have fun with things so instead of using cream we invented our own more interesting drink!" said researcher Marie-Soleil Beaudoin. She told her graduate students to just "have fun with things" and see what they could come up with using ingredients in their expensive lab. "It was a good opportunity for them to practice things like interesterification.

Vegans: May be unhealthy, but that's not what this paper says

 Vegans: many of them are smug self-satisfied jerks who believe they know everything about economics, nutrition, and environmental science. Even though experts in those fields realize we are just at the tip of the iceburg in our human knowledge. Yes, vegans, particularly on the internet, know their diet is sooo healthy and no one could possibly not do well on it and it saves cute puppies and you are a murderer if you eat bacon blah blah blah.

Studies about nothing

If you read the media accounts you might think that this study is about Aktins or low-carb diets. But it's not. Because the people studied, as far as we know, weren't on such diets. Some of them just happened to eat lower carb and higher in meat, and the statisticians/idiots associated this with mortality. But were these people low carbers? For all we know they ate hot dogs from Safeway and their carb sources included twinkies and slurpies.

The China Joke

While I was gone, apparently The China Study received some belated smackdown. I've personally never paid much attention to that book. I took several advanced statistics classes for my degree and an epidemiology class. If I wanted to base my diet on that flawed methodology, I might be more interested. But you can hash and rehash data and it won't change the fact that epidemiology (like my own science, economics) has been responsible for crap conclusions that have not bared out in the real world.