Fuck this, I'm getting the cassoulet

Scene 1: I'm at a party. There isn't that much to eat that won't upset my stomach, except some nice roast potatoes. Suddenly a girl appears smiling benevolently. Is she about to say "Oh, actually we have steak in the kitchen"? Nope. Instead she giggles and asks "Are you allowed to have those?" 

I grit my teeth and spitefully add an extra helping to my plate.

Reader Questions: Terrible bread, meetup organizers, ulcers

And now for some reader questions:

Q: Dru from Idaho asks "Is this paleo?" sending along this attached picture:

A: No. You got Dim Sum and got a bunch of bread? Dude, where are the writhing sea creatures drenched in various rich possibly-alcoholic sauces? Do they even have Dim Sum in Idaho anyway? 

Getting Real About Chocolate


Let's get real about chocolate. First of all not paleo: it requires advanced processing and the addition of sugar to make it edible. If you found the raw fruit growing on the tree it would taste pretty gross.