Lard, it's like, so backwards and stuff

 Maybe because I just moved from NYC to Chicago, I was a little insulted by this little rant the New York Times published on the horrible life of a vegetarian in the Midwest. Of course, she lumps the entire Midwest into her rant, even though it seems the author has only lived in one Midwestern city, which is Kansas City. 

Iron myths (b12 too!)

When Pubmed and Google Scholar are available to everyone with a computer, it kind of surprises me when journalists write things that are easily proved wrong on a simple search.

Where NOT to eat in Midtown

Surprisingly enough, there are many vegan and vegetarian restaurants I enjoy. When I am out with vegetarian friends, I don't mind getting a bowl of various vegetables and some of these restaurants are actually fairly good. Overall, when confronted with a choice between meat from a questionable source and a vegan entree, I'll often chose the latter.