Children of the Sun

“245 unread messages” my Blackberry tolled. I had turned the dreaded workhorse on after a week, dreading its weary proclamations. How I had cherished the days without glaring at its tiny, but unforgiving screen. My camping backpack laid heavily on my shoulders- a double bagged bolus of sulphur-reeking Vibrams and muddy bathing suits. I suspected getting the smell out of the Vibrams would require elaborate chemical warfare. 

My arms and legs were covered with gashs, nicks, tears, welts, and oddly shaped bruises.


A reader sent in a question asking whether I use deodorant or not. When I was about 14 I started getting really conscious about sweat and anxious to the point that I started using Platinum Protection antiperspirant.It pretty much stopped all underarm sweating and I used it until I moved to Sweden last year. It was there that I started biking everywhere and having trouble with overheating. I thought it might be worth taking advantage of a mechanism we evolved to combat that- sweating.