Ancestral Health Symposium Talk!

 I usually don't like to watch people speak about stuff. Maybe that's why I almost never went to lectures in college. I prefer to read things. As Data from Star Trek might say, I find it to be the most efficient form of assimilating information. So you can watch my talk on Vimeo thanks to AHS, but if you read much faster (or you are hearing impaired), you can read the transcript below, which was donated by Averbach Transcription, which is run by a paleo enthusiast and you should consider hiring him if you need a transcript:

So you're telling them to eat FAT?????

A traditional high-fat paleo diet is being promoted among the Maori in New Zealand. The results are "eye opening." Notice the comments— naysayers saying it's just another fad diet like Atkins. But it's not Atkins. It's a diet that revives food traditions and is culturally appropriate. Contrast that with Jamie Oliver's failures in West Virginia pushing a generic "healthy" diet.

Another great video on persistence hunting: