Waterproof And Resistant Barefoot Shoes For Summer Or Winter

Yesterday marked the first day in Chicago of cold autumn rain. And certainly not the last. Being an avid walker in all types of weather, that means I have to have footwear that can handle 

wet weather -- any kind of wet weather from hot rain to snow. Of course you can get rainboots anywhere, but traditional rainboots have some serious issues.

Walking, cities, and baseline fitness

 Growing up in Marietta, Georgia, I played outside quite a bit, but while our neighborhood had some nice creeks and forests, it did not have any sidewalks. When you went somewhere, you got there in a car, even if it was less than a mile away. I remember driving to Eastside Baptist Church, which Google Maps says is .07 miles away from my childhood home. Walking was for the mall. 

Footskins Video Review

I almost never post videos because I'm not such a fan of making them or even watching anything that doesn't involve silly cats. But I thought it might be an interesting format for a shoe review.