Unwise Traditions? Idli and Puto.

Living in Queens, one of the most diverse counties in the nation, I have been able to experience many interesting traditional cuisines. But I'd also been able to observe people losing their traditions without even really noticing. There are two examples that come to mind, both involving fermented rice. One is the Indian Idli, which Stephan has blogged about.

Wise Traditions Recap

I spent this weekend in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania at the Weston A. Price Foundation's Wise Traditions conference with John Durant and Allison Bojarski. I live-Tweeted it, but here is also a list of things I learned:

Live Tweeting from Wise Traditions

FYI I'm at Wise Traditions this weekend and live Tweeting it here! Blog post afterwards!

Traditional Grains

A reader left an interesting comment:


 Yes, apparently even babies can show signs of the dreaded diseases of civilization. Ugh, very scary. 

Here are some WAPF events coming up. WAPFers are paleo allies in the war for real food and delicious fat. I might not be crazy for grains or dairy, but they have some useful things to say. In NYC the paleo tribe seems to be mostly singles, but WAPFers tend to be those with children or thinking about them. That's great- we need more healthy children out there. 

Human Health Quadrants