Slim is Not Simple

 When people use the contact form on the bottom of this site, maybe they should take a few seconds and think about two things I don't tolerate very well, which are

  • packaged industrial products being sold under "real food" or "paleo" labels
  • complete and utter misuse of history to sell a particular diet

Maybe don't send me that stuff, because I will post about it, and I will criticize it. Or maybe on the latter case, just leave the historical narrative out of your spiel if you can't waste more than an hour thinking about what it might actually imply. 

Can complex flavors cause weight loss?

 I'm perfectly comfortable with blood, guts, and that sort of thing. But when it comes to the food of simple Americans, I can be quite squeamish. There is nothing so horrible as things such as meatloaf, casserole, "hamburger helper," or lasagna. Add some steamed mixed frozen vegetables and I'm in Hell. I'll never forget the one horrible summer at camp in Wisconsin where I was served mac & cheese with pearl onions and pieces of boiled ham. 

The Impulsive Buy: Lessons in Hyperpalatibility

 When I was in college I was going to switch into food science. But then I took a bunch of food science classes and did some lab work. And I realized food science wasn't about food, it was about making combinations of absolute garbage taste addictively good. Most of the food science professors I had were former employees of Nabisco or Kraft. I couldn't believe how ignorant they were of nutrition and it showed. But the worst was the "taste lab" I participated in. What finally made me quit was when they were testing "breakfast" bars.


Stephan's posts on food reward and obesity and my own efforts to write a paper over this weekend have caused me to muse on one thing I've had an issue: low appetite. In high school my mother would often come home from work on Saturdays at 4 and berate me for not having eaten. Chances are I was reading or playing video games instead.  Late in high school my weight and appetite started to increase dramatically reaching its apex in college. I never figured out why.

Healthy at any size?

What involves the exposure of government health conspiracies, the realization that exercise doesn't make you thin, restricting calories doesn't work very well, and a take-down of low-fat diet foods?

If you are thinking Good Calories, Bad Calories you are right, but there is another community that accepts these things that's not really on the low-carb/paleo radar.

Let them eat squirrel?


Fit for Life was one of my first diets, too; I was probably 14.

I was raised vegetarian and so was vegetarian at the time, and I don’t lose weight easily so was restricting calories as well as following FFL. I believe the writers of the book were also vegetarian and made some minor encouragements in that direction.