Fail Weight-Loss Tip #1

 A new series inspired by my bad cooking. Follow these tips and your appetite will be so low you won't want to eat anything!

Tip #1:

Slice plantains into strips with vegetable peeler. Forget to season. Dehydrate in dehydrator for 12 hours. Try to eat. Total cardboard taste kills your appetite. 

Wow, imagine how rich I'll be when I market that as a snack.


Healthy at any size?

What involves the exposure of government health conspiracies, the realization that exercise doesn't make you thin, restricting calories doesn't work very well, and a take-down of low-fat diet foods?

If you are thinking Good Calories, Bad Calories you are right, but there is another community that accepts these things that's not really on the low-carb/paleo radar.

My Father's Paleo Experience

 Two years back I started sending my dad a paleo article or two every once in awhile. My dad was really into exercise, but despite exercising every day he was having a tough time with his weight. It's no wonder. Growing up I remember he would take us out to the infamous Cici's All You Can Eat Pizza where well...we would eat amounts of sugar and junk that I shudder to look back on.