Paleolithic Post-Modernist Cuisine

 This week I spent almost my entire food budget for the month on one meal and it was completely worth it even if it means I have to eat just ground beef from my dad's farm for the rest of the time. 

Happy New Year! + Strange videos

Wohoo, happy New Year! I know this one is going to be a good year. If you want to hang with me and John Durant, come to our paleo beginners workshop this week.

Some of you have said that you miss my strange videos. I know I haven't posted many lately, so here are some of my favs to celebrate the new year.


Human Evolution and Geomagnetism

At Wise Traditions there was some talk of the effects of electromagnetic fields. I am skeptical of most of that, though this NYtimes article on cellphones and cancer is a little worrying. John Durant mentioned magnetic fields in the context of evolution and suddenly I remembered something I hadn't thought about since I was pursuing an eventually-aborted geology minor in college.