Uses and misuses of evolutionary biology 2

 In my last post, I wrote about how it's impossible for epigenetic changes from very cold environments 3-4 billion years ago to have been conserved. Somehow people thought I was accusing Dr. Kruse of making up cold-adapted monkey ancestors or something. 

Uses and misuses of evolutionary biology 1

 In my last post on the subject of Dr. Jack Kruse, AKA, The Quilt, I briefly touched on the misuse of the ideas of quantum theory. Not long after, the WSJ had an excellent article on the mis-use of that subject. 

What the bleep do we know about carbs?

I realized something hilarious today. Dr. Jack Kruse is the What the Bleep Do We Know? of Paleo. You know, that pretentious movie about "quantum physics" that was actually woo dressed up in scienecy language? Here is a fun game, which quotes is from Dr. Jack Kruse and which is from What the Bleep Do We Know?

Amenorrhea and raw vegan woo

 Since a diet a raw vegan of only raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts is not an appropriate diet for our species, many people suffer from health problems on such diets. When I get comments from healthy long-term raw vegans here, I take it with a grain of salt since I know that people are so attached to the "purity" of raw vegan that they will engage in denialism before they admit they have a problem. 

The Middle Way

 Last year I met a girl who was trying the paleo diet and complaining she "felt weird" and her stomach hurt. I asked her what she was eating and it turns out she was eating 5 tablespoons of coconut oil for breakfast! I told her that wasn't food, that it was an ingredient you can use to make foods or a supplement and that maybe she should try eating food. Later she said she felt better. 

T. Colin Campbell Hates Babies

 In a recent post I discussed how the death of a vegan baby wasn't caused by veganism, but by a denialist myth that humans are naturally herbivores, so vegans don't need to supplement. I tallied up some of the documented cases of unsupplemented veganism harming or killing children. Now Rhys at Let Them Eat Meat has a great post on whether or not this case is really about veganism. 

Vegan-style Creationism Woo Kills Baby

 Most of us know enough anthropology to know that the natural diet of our species in not herbivorous. The evidence for meat consumption goes back millions of years and our closest great ape cousins consume at least small amounts of meat. We also have digestive and other biochemical adaptations to meat consumption.