Badass winter shoe ideas


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Someone asked Barefoot Ted last week "what should we wear on our feet in the winter?" He said "nothing, move to California!"


I've been on the lookout for winter boots that don't ruin my barefoot conditioning for agggges. Native footwear is a great place to start. Moccasins are a pretty obvious choice and I discussed them a bit in my last post on the subject.

Other commenters suggested Mukluks like these made by Steger with suede, sheepskin, and rabbit fur:

 Another commenter suggested these beautiful handmade moccasins:

Since I am a nerd I was thinking of joining the local SCA and the one that does archery has a Mongolian theme. When I was looking at the clothing I realized these boots are quite perfect and beautiful and awesome and badass...and I must have them!:

This article mentions the Russian Valenki:

Then there are the Terra Plana Brooklyn boots, which are pre-waterproofed unlike the above options.

If you are super hard-core/rich, maybe you could spring for some seal skin boots, which are naturally waterproof:

All of these options are $130-$400 and require varying degrees of committment to DIY waterproofing/soling (hmm, possible use for deer tallow...). Valenki are the cheapest, though I can't imagine how gross they'd be when soggy with NYC puddle water....

However, wearing my normal boots today...they felt like total cinderblocks. I'm just not used to that anymore!

I'm pretending to work on various web projects tonight and cleaning my room, hence all the blog posts.