Coconut Agrobiodiversity


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 Coconuts of French Polynesia is a fascinating blog I found though the coconut Google group. Unfortunately, it's in French, so I read in in Google Translate. Since most of us eat coconut products imported and processed far away, we don't really think about what kind of coconut those foods came from. Apparently many traditional cultures use many types of coconuts. There are oil coconuts, water coconuts, medicinal coconuts, and fiber coconuts for example. I asked the author what these rare red coconuts taste like and he said they are very tasty and sweet, with a pink color inside. 

Personally the only difference I have tasted in commercial coconut waters is between coconut water from Brazil and Thailand. The latter tastes so much better to me, particularly the Taste Nirvana brand. Perhaps someday we will be able to chose from coconut water from different places and different types of coconut.