Eat fresh fruit, life with carnivores, fanmail, etc.

 I love that this is the entire dessert section for Zakary Pelaccio's Eat With Your Hands cookbook:

I think I've mentioned his restaurant Fatty Cue in several posts. It is where I ate my first pig's head. And where I learned that if you boil fingerling potatoes in shellfish stock, smash them, bury them in Kerrygold, and assault them with large amounts of freshly ground black pepper, you get something that is economical, but absolutely decadant and delicious. 

Speaking of decadent, I am not always so great about keeping up with my inbox, but I was grateful to receive this:


Thanks a million for your post, "Paleolithic Post Modernistic Cuisine."

It is far and away one of the pivotal reads that helped to brighten up my whole evolutionary adventure.

Granted, I'm on a shoe-string budget and live on carrots, ground beef, round-eye steaks, and a revolving selection of broccoli, asparagus, and brussels sprouts. Exposure to El Bulli and the Adrias has opened my eyes up to how beautiful food can be. A win since I once deemed myself as simply a "functional eater.

More than anything, following Anthony Bourdain has reawakened a strong wanderlust, and gotten me excited about eating my way around the world. In a clean, healthy, whole way, of course.

Speaking of which, I feel I'm not the only one who thinks a primal life-way can potentially help Anthony extend his television career, and get him off that wretched Lipitor. I think the fact that he loves pork as much as he does is actually what's keeping his heart still beating.

Adieu, and keep fighting the good fight... or something like that ;)

~ Marc

Aw thanks! Speaking of Bourdains, I love this interview with Anthony Bourdain and carnivore martial arts badass wife Ottavia Bourdain:

Anthony Bourdain: We go to Japanese restaurants and ordering yakitori, and we're ordering these things on skewers like 16 at a time. They're doing double takes, especially when she says, 'The chicken hearts were good, I'll have 12 more.' There's this look of mute horror, and this expression that polite Japanese get when they're trying to conceal their shock and disgust at what's happening. It's a lot of fun [laughs].
Ottavia Bourdain: I always get checked out and make sure my cholesterol is fine and my blood sugar is ok. That's always really low. My blood pressure is also super low, so I haven't encountered any problems with my crazy diet. I wouldn't advise it to anybody else, but it works for me.

I think she wins a lot of hearts because notice she never demonizes other foods or insists her way is the best way. I would say that super low blood pressure is not always a good thing. Doctors aren't really that used to seeing it I guess, but I and several other athletic lean relatively or very low carb women I've known have developed absolutely frightening syncopes. My blood pressure is one of the reasons I can't do a very low carb diet.