Egg Freezing: A Sign Your Workplace Is A Dystopian HellHole

It's just too perfect. Facebook and Apple are offering its female employees free egg freezing. What a totally great way to get women interested in tech careers!

Just kidding. Actually, to me, as a woman in a tech career who consciously doesn't work for companies like Apple or Facebook despite the fact I probably make less money because it, it signals what I already believed: these companies are dystopian hellholes. Instead of encouraging women to start families when its biologically optimal to do so, they are paying them to delay. And pretending its "empowering." In reality its funding more money to the fertility industry, an industry which happens to have ton in common with the agroindustrial industries people are much more willing to criticize. 

It's a procedure that's absolutely brutal on a woman's body and the science behind it is suspect to say the least. Here is the ASRM report on it:

Data on the safety, efficacy, cost-effectiveness and emotional risks of elective oocyte cryopreservation are insufficient to recommend elective oocyte cryopreservation. Marketing this technology for the purpose of deferring childbearing may give women false hope and encourage women to delay childbearing.

The only upside I can see to this is it could help women develop empathy for egg donors, most of whom would not be putting their bodies through that kind of thing if they weren't millenials in a tenuous economic situation. And sadly the fertility industry in the US is so powerful that American feminism dare not criticize it most of the time because they've convinced us industrial and explotative forms of reproduction are synonymous with empowerment and that people are entitled to them. 

To me, offering egg freezing tells me a company really wants you to devote the years of your biological prime to the company instead of having a family. And possibly also that the males in the company and locale that are around your age are not particularly interested in starting families because they are too busy bullying local schoolchildren about apps or some crap like that.

This is the kind of pretend woman empowerment that makes me cringe. But if there is anything I've learned working in tech for almost a decade, it's that this is par for the course. That corporate feminism like "Lean In" (by Facebook's COO) isn't about making women's lives better, it's about increasing our productivity for the good of the company. And about making people in power feel good about themselves without actually threatening the status quo.