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Is that scary or what? It's the half pig's head at hipster Williamsburg BBQ joint Fatty 'Cue. But pigs head is the best kept secret out there. It's fatty fat flavored fat. And this was more than enough for me and two guys. The best parts- the fatty jowls and cheeks. The parts I let the guys have- the brains and eyes. The tough skin and the bones went to some lucky dogs.

Most species that eat meat prize the head over any other part. Killer whales often just eat parts of the head and leave the rest to scavengers. Native Americans that made big kills often did the same. The head has tons of fat- and the brain particularly is a great source of DHA. 

At Fatty Cue it also comes with pork rinds and a delicious pineapple curry that was perfect for cutting the fattiness of the meal.