Foldable flats and flexible autumn boots

 While it seems like every other blogger was at the Ancestral Health Symposium, I was moving boxes and crappy furniture to my new apartment. That wasn't much fun, but I try to think of moving as an opportunity to reevaluate what you own. One of the things I owned was a pair of nice velvet ballet flats. I'd had them since high school, but since my feet seem to have shrunk I haven't worn them very much because they only fit with thick socks and if it's thick sock season I probably need to be wearing boots. Unfortunately I recently was invited to attend an event where my regular warmer weather shoes, which are sandals or my badly worn out wonder gloves (next time I'll get black or hope they make some darker colors), are just not appropriate. 

Why the hell do I care so much about shoes anyway? Well, when you have a standing desk and walk 1-3 miles every single day, shoes really make a difference. Unfortunately, in the past, it was thought that people who were active needed a lot of "support" from tank-like padded shoes. So many shoe options for active women (and men) are frankly ugly and not very healthy for building strong feet.

So when I saw a sale on these foldable Yosi Samra flats on Myhabit, which is one of those deal sites, I took a chance and bought them. I sized up after reading reviews on Amazon and they fit really quite well. They look nice and are comfortable, but I suspect they aren't very durable at all. Lately it's been raining a lot and when I wear them I wear my Shuellas, which are a lightweight rainboot cover, over them. Unfortunately, I don't find the Shuellas that comfortable and they sort of start to fall off sometimes because they seem to be made for pointy high heels. 

I also think the non-sale price is a little expensive for something like this, but even if you don't chose this brand, I notice that a lot of sites are now selling "foldable flats" or "commuter flats" that are similar. They tend to be zero drop, have flexible soles, non-stiff toe boxes, and they fold which is cool for packing! 

I really wanted the reptile and dinosaur print ones. It's cool those prints are fashionable now, because I really like them. But I also thought they would be also really not very versatile. I mean, I get away with wearing a lot of crazy things because I'm a techie, but now that I'm doing more business stuff, I have to look a little bit more "normal", which is sad. 

Either way, I took the old non-fitting flats to the local thrift store, where they gave me $10 for them. I then looked at the shoe rack there and found some great totally-flat flexible non-toe-oppressive boots for $15. They are made by Blowfish and unfortunately they are discontinued, but it seems this brand has a bunch of great options. I always overlooked it because it seemed like they were made for people who live in places with nicer weather than Chicago or NYC, but since I have my excellent water-resistant breathable Vivo Barefoot and flexible water-resistant Cushe heavy winter boots that have held up well from previous years, I figure I could add a medium-weight boot to my closet, especially since I really like the style of these and they will go well with my steampunky/Victorian-ish closet. 


Sadly there were some shoes that didn't make it through the move. I couldn't really take my Footskins that I reviewed here before to the thrift store even because they were so beat up. They took a beating because I frequently wore them running and at Crossfit. I wonder if they would have lasted longer with some better moccasin oiling, but in the end they had holes on them and I had repaired them so many times that they didn't stitch together very well. Oh well, they lasted around two years, which isn't too bad for a shoe that is worn so much and for heavy activity. 

Well, my new apartment is pretty great. It's really the first non-significantly flawed dwelling I've lived in many years. It has more than one room. It has windows that get some sunlight in. No roaches. A kitchen that fits more than one person in it! Nothing is falling apart! These are luxuries to me. The main flaw this time is me- I am too short to reach probably about 50% of the cabinets here. Maybe I'll get a roommate...a tall roommate. But in the meantime, I look forward to cooking a lot more and having people over to eat, which was impossible in my last apartment since it only had one room and no table. Also I am developing better sleep habits, but more on that later. 


Update: Check out my new post on the subject!