The Food Police: is raw meat safe?


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 From the comments:

Lets see how many diseases you could get from raw meat

Tapeworms Toxoplasmosis Salmonella Brucellosis Bottulism Trichinellosis
Just to name a few. Do you want to eat raw everything? Go ahead but read this first

Let's look at all the diseases you can get from vegetables:

Liver fluke, salmonella, pathogenic e coli, botulism, campylobacteriosis, listeria, staphylococcus aureus, brucellosis...the list goes on and on. 

Actually, vegetables cause most food poisoning outbreaks. Cooked meat and fish also do plenty of damage. Definitely raw meat can be dangerous, but food poisoning is simply a danger of food. Most of the raw meat outbreaks occur when people make mistakes in the kitchen. Very few people want to eat chicken raw, but it's quite common for people to cut raw chicken and then use the same knife on vegetables for their salad. That's way different from intentionally eating raw meat.

Plenty of cultures from the Japanese to the Inuit consume raw meat without all keeling over and dying. For me, the benefits of eating raw meat outweighed the small risks. I only eat whole prime cuts from herbivorous animals, I don't just buy ground beef from the supermarket. Most contamination occurs during processing. 

Most of the raw foods I eat aren't exactly shocking. Millions of people eat sushi and raw oysters every day. Be careful, but life is too short for scare mongering. Thanks for the warning :) I do know about food poisoning. I had food poisoning, serious chronic salmonella that sent me to the E.R. I was a vegetarian then.