Getting out of the sun


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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Robb Wolf's Paleolithic Solution seminar at Crossfit South Brooklyn. I wasn't feeling so awesome (I must have had caught a bug, I haven't been sick for ages, but I'm definitely feeling it today), but I really perked up when we started talking about one of his trainers— a "superwoman" trainer/mother-of-3/do everything kind of gal. One day she had a couple of shots of espresso and just collapsed.

Like The past couple of months I've been to pretty much every type of doctor and it's been a slog because all my numbers are good. So why did I collapse? 

Dr BG tipped me onto the concept of adrenal fatigue as a possibility and at the seminar Robb really convinced me that I haz it.

Which is big, since I've been very skeptical of it in the past, because like "candida" it often is described as something with vague symptoms that could easily be something else. But here I am with medical markers of such a syndrome. I'm already seeing an endocrinologist. According to him I have some borderline markers, so I'm not a full-fleged case, but they can leave me with some issues. It's been a nightmare trying to get treatment. Even with insurance, every time I go to the doctor I feel like I'm gambling. I dread getting the mail. What will I owe this time? It's a surprise!

As Robb says "if you have a sunburn, get out of the sun." Easier said than done since I seem to be great at getting myself into high-stress situations. And all these medical bills don't do much to help one of the major sources of my stress: bills. But there have been other sources ranging from losing my apartment, work-related stress, and an extremely stressful breakup. I'm really kind of good at hiding that and seeming to be successful, but if you noticed I was off, this is why.

Let's be honest: I might have to leave NYC and move back home. I was certainly too proud to do it before (even when I was barely scraping by), but now that I'm sick this becomes a less unattractive option. Wouldn't it be nice if this could be like Eat Pray Love where I get a book advance and rest my weary head in Indonesia? But it's not like that. I am however very lucky that this problem comes at a time when my family has started farming, though that's a whole different set of stresses.

I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, but you met me at a very strange time in my life.