Grow Your Own Salad Bowl


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I'm glad I saw this great post about growing your own "salad bowl." A couple of weeks ago I had bought some lettuce seedlings on a whim and put them in a pot on the windowsill. They weren't doing so awesome and I was thinking of throwing them away, but this video gave me hope. A few days later they recovered and tonight I harvested a small salad. It's not a lot, but it was crisp, fresh, and tasty. The plants should keep yielding for awhile if I just pick a few outer leaves each time. Bonsai lettuce...

I also have a few pots of herbs. In Sweden when I needed herbs they sold the actual plants in the produce section, which would last for a week or more if you took care of them. Here they sell them in cut bundles, already wilting and just as expensive. Good thing growing them yourself is easy, but I guess I'm lucky- some city folk don't have a good South facing window like I do.

Bagged salad isn't much better than those wilted herbs. And who knows where it's from or what kind of fertilizer they used? I took my lettuce leaves, a spring of parleys, and poured melted bone marrow, lemon juice, and capers over them. I sprinkled the salad with salt and was delicious!