How I feel about the food at tech conferences...


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Eowyn talking to Grima in LOTR in case you are not a nerd

At the conferences I go to it's mostly cheese pizza, soda, bagels, and coffee with crap powdered creamer. It's like sugar flavored bread and it's not worth eating because it not only makes me fall asleep in the afternoon session,  but it doesn't even taste good. I think I first thought of Eowyn because I had eaten the normal lunch and I was in an afternoon session on improving server performance and I was just crashing. I couldn't pay attention at all because I felt so low in energy.

I have learned that I should just hope there is a decent restaurant around the conference center and not eat with the nerds, which makes me feel antisocial. There are so many paleo/primal folks in IT, maybe someday we can take over? 

The exception, which I should mention, are the cool events run by Food+Tech Connect.