On Looking Good and Diet

Sometimes you just realize how much of a bubble you've ended up in. When you're in the health/diet/fitness world sometimes you are liable to forget that there are plenty of people who do nothing particularly special with their diet or exercise who are extremely attractive. When I moved from writing about food in light of diet to more general restaurant writing I was exposed to more of these people. Because a lot of them work in front of the house positions as servers or bartenders. I met people who have lifestyles and diets that would horrify most personal trainers and diet gurus. And yet they were often very attractive people. Who worked long hours and had very bad schedules in terms of sleep. And yet had plenty of energy. 

Reminds me of "Iman's Secrets To Staying Forever Young". 

You look phenomenal. What are your secrets to aging so beautifully? 

"Well, that’s genetics. I have nothing to do with that.
Or The Secret to a Perfect Body:

For myself, I've found how I look is pretty much dependent on calories and exercise. I can look the same as on a note-perfect paleo diet while drinking plenty of whiskey and eating cartloads of pasta as long as I exercise and do some intermittent fasting when I'm not stuffing my face with doughnuts.


I posted this article about Tom Brady and Giselle's "anti-inflamation" diet on my Facebook page and someone responded:

I want to see full body shots of the person giving advice as well as blood tests and videos showing me what kind of energy they have. A pic of Tom Brady versus the author of this piece is enough to know which way to lean in this case.
Gee I wonder if a science writer is better looking than a super model. This commentor is probably in the bubble. They think looking good is about eating certain foods. Giselle and Tom Brady looked better than any of us before they ate that diet and will continue to do so. Mostly because of genetics. Of course most of the people talking about how their special diet makes people look good are happy to overlook that most diet gurus are honestly not very attractive. And then ones who are usually seem to have the dumbest advice and look no better than my local High Life guzzling bartender.
There is only so much you can do to look good. In rare cases specific foods can make a difference (such as if something is causing acne, or eating satiating foods helps you cut calories), but most of the time it comes down to genetics.