Meat Book Club: Meat- A Benign Extravagance


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Occasionally I'll encounter a book so dense with interesting info that it's hard to write just one post about it. That's the deal with Simon Fairlie's Meat: A Benign Extravagance. This is an important book and I believe it has the potential to positively influence both culture and policy. For too long anti-meat crusaders have dominated the environmental movement. Now it's time to look into whether or not meat really deserves the bad rap.

You can read George Monbiot's excellent review and an interview with the author.

I've read quite a bit at this point, but I thought why not invite you guys to read it with me?

The first meat book club?

So here is the deal: I'll post a chapter assignment every week. And then every blogger who is participating can do a post on that section. Every blogger doing a post can link to all the other book club posts. To sign up to be a blogger, post in the comments. Everyone else can discuss the book on comments, Facebook, and twitter.

I'm really curious about what everyone has to say about this book. I'm sure plenty of us will disagree with some of Fairlie's ideas, but there is so much through provoking stuff in this book that we will learn a lot.

And we can also have a tweetchat using the #meatbc hash tag. If you are interesting in doing anything else, let me know. In person meetups are a possibility! Definitely in NYC, at least! If you want to organize one in your town, let me know.

My goals for posting are:

Intro: Post about this whenever, I'll probably post about it soon.
Section 1: The Land Requirements of Livestock: January 8th
Section 2: Food Security: January 15th
Section 3: Energy and Carbon: January 22nd
Section 4: Land Use Change: January 29th

Who is in?

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