My Favorite Applications For Getting Healthy and Organized

While I found short intense workouts weren’t adequate on their own (at least for someone who eats A LOT), I think they can be great if you don’t have time for a regular workout schedule, for building exercise habits or just for getting some extra activity in. I’ve tried a lot of apps and I’m really happy with Sworkit. I like the variety of exercises and the ability to create custom routines. I have a custom routine for the office without any exercises that require me to lie on the icky carpet. The only thing I wish it had was weights– I haven’t found a good app for managing my weight-lifting routines yet. 

As I wrote in November I am a huge fan of this habit and to-do management application. While it’s RPG-slant might not be for everyone, for me it’s really helped my ability to stay on top of what often feels like infinity things to do. It makes work feel like a journey rather than a never-ending sisyphean hell. ANd differentiating to-dos from daily habits and habits in general helps me create and meet realistic goals.

Keeping in touch with people you’ve across the city and even across the globe is pretty challenging. Having used CRMs (Customer relationship management) at various jobs, I liked how they helped track your relationships with other people. I wondered if there would be a similar program for helping with other types of relationships beyond “customers.” Contactually does this pretty well, though it’s a bit expensive and not all the features are well developed. It tracks my email, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to alert me to people I haven’t been in touch with.

Google Inbox
Since college I’ve really had a hard time getting on top of my email, which has only gotten worse with time since I now am responsible for multiple inboxes. Gmail’s various “inbox management” features like “Priority inbox” and tabs only made it worse. At my nadir of poor inbox management I was using a large variety of extensions and customs scripts to manage it, which was not very successful. But Inbox is a more streamlined way of managing the chaos. I like that I can "snooze" emails until they are relevant rather than add them to my to-do list. 

Jawbone UP
I’ve had my Jawbone up since last summer and for me it’s been very successful. I find the main form of exercise it focuses on, walking, is something that I can easily fit into my life as a city-dweller. Also getting out there and walking around is a fantastic way to get to know your neighborhood. The sleep-tracking is also really useful and since I got the device I’ve really solidified my sleeping patterns.

A really cool web application for organizing various lists. I use it for organizing a lot of ideas like restaurants I want to visit and spices I own or want to own.

However, while some people use it for project and task management, I’ve haven’t had a lot of success with that. I’ve tried it with a couple of teams and it’s been too free-form to get people organized.

Routine Timer
It’s pretty much just a simple timer for particular routines. I use it for cleaning routines, divided by the different rooms in my apartment. I find it is more successful to clean by time rather than by task, which makes it feel more manageable to me. For example I have a messy-kitchen timer that requires me to clean the kitchen for 10 minutes, then go on to clean the other rooms for a few minutes each. Using this plus HabitRPG has made my apartment so much less cluttered.