NYC Real Food/Paleo Events


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 The Paleo Flashmob at Chipotle Test Kitchen is tomorrow! I hope that you are coming if you can! If you are going, check out Stephan's newest post on omega-6.

We are also visiting the Kings County Jerky store on Sunday to see their grass-fed local offerings!

Movement instructor Lee Saxby will be speaking on the 20th. I don't know much about him, but I'm looking forward to hearing about him!

On May 14th Chris Masterjohn will be talking about traditional foods! I'm super biased about Chris since he is my boyfriend, but I also think it will be awesome. Even before we were dating I was impressed by his talks. 

I would mention the fact that I am helping organize more affordable grass-fed meat shares in NYC, but most are sold out. If you are interested in pork we still have a few spots left. 

For everyone, I created a new links page that's more up to date and dynamic than just having static links. I always had trouble because I'd discover great new blogs and then forget to link them or blogs I'd link to would become defunct. I hope you like what's there.

And a random song to remind us how little we know :)